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Finally, real change
comes to law firm recruiting

Frustrated by current recruiting practices?  JD Match is the first promising option to give firms and candidates greater control.  JD Match connects law firms with candidates in an orderly, efficient way with tools and information not available anywhere else.

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Increase your students'
chances for success

JD Match pairs your students with the firms they think they are most suited to.  Moreover, JD Match helps improve your school's success rate by exposing your students to more firms, including firms that may not visit your campus. A win-win for all parties. School membership is free.
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Gain greater control
over recruiting students
and clerks

In an ideal world, your firm would have more control in recruiting top law school students: You wouldn't be constrained by the frustrating limitations of OCI. Well, that day has come.
JD Match helps bring order and cost savings to an irrational, inefficient process. JD Match has unique tools and features that let your firm:

  • Know which candidates have ranked your firm highly, certainly helpful with callbacks;
  • Find great students at schools you don't visit, a big cost saver;
  • Identify the students you want who also want you, leading to longer-lasting hires.






Looking for a great AmLaw job?
JD Match can help

You don't just want a good job with a good firm. You want to start your career with the firm that's right for you.
JD Match has unique, cutting edge technology that can:

  • Give you more chances of finding a job;
  • Help you find terrific firms you or your school's career services may not be aware of;
  • Enable firms seeking the very characteristics you possess to find you - 24/7/365.


And it's free for students and clerks.